Oil Spill Fast Response Clean-Up
An Elective Option for all Blue-Water Hydro Lance Ship Designs


Above: Hydro Lance  Blue-Water Ships Which May be Equipped with the Unique HARTH Automated Oil Spill Clean Up Systems

Step  I

Oil Spils Cleaned-Up Long Before Reaching Shoreline...

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Above: Hydro Lance Fast 'Autobahn' Travel To Spill Site  --  Deploys Skimming Booms - Collects and Bags Oil, Depositing floating bags aft for Tanker Pick-Up; All at 10-20 Knots

FAST on scene, automated to skim, pick up and remove such crude oil spills with a swath of up to 250 feet wide, depending on the HARTH ship size,  with  each GPS controlled pass, then separating the  retrieved sludge of water and oil, safely bagging the spilled oil in large fabric imbedded polymer sealed bags with those filled bags then being deposited back into  the ocean for subsequent tender pickup with subsequent transfer to an oil tanker or following barges.  You may view operation of such a system in the very last segment of the Hydro LanceTM Introductory 12 minute Video:  (Go to video page).


Above: Ultra-Stability in High Seas

Fast Response and Clean-Up Mitigates  Ecological Disasters...

This extraordinary  HARTHTM capability is only possible when integrated into a Hydro LanceTM HARTH designed ship platforms due to it's inherent ultra-stability, geometry, speed  and structure.  These ships do not experience heave, pitch, roll, yaw or sway even through elevated sea states and further, they can maintain the ship's free-way rated speeds, which is several times that of any other ship form in the ocean today, through the vessel's maximum  sea state rating. 

Consider that such an equipped HARTH ship were at a position in the North Atlantic Ocean and that an oil drilling platform or deep-water well-head had a blow-out for any reason and that blow-out was at a platform off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, some 2,300 Nautical miles away.  Perhaps this oil leak had already spewing up to 210,000 gallons with no stopping it in sight..  Consider that a modest speed for a larger Hydro Lance ship that  was designed for only  60 Knots;  Such an oil-clean-up equipped ship would arrive on leaking spill scene to begin work in 30 hours, not two weeks.   Spill intersection and clean-up would  begin immediately, continuously in a matrix, GPS guided in 250 foot to 300 foot wide swaths until the mission is complete or changes.  This is now and has been feasible  to build and outfit since 1987.

Evolution of a few days in an Oil Drilling Platform Blow-Out...


Before: Oil Platform Twin    --   Gulf Platform Blow-Out  Explosion , 2010     --      Oil Slick Begins    --    Reaching Louisiana Shores; Ecological Disaster

Step II

Currently, in the said  initial 30 hour period, the response of state and local officials, the responsible oil company or even Homeland Security would probably not have even  organized a plan of action within that time.   Instead, local fishing boats, yachts, and of course, fire-fighters and rescue craft reacting,  are  on scene, but with little hope of oil spill containment.  Volunteers are then called up with mops, buckets. sponges and  steam cleaners  to fight the tide of oil hitting the beaches.  Wildlife and marine life are consumed with disaster with some surviving covered in sludge.  Shrimp and shellfish food industry becomes seriously damaged.  When do we stop doing the same plan, the same failing type of responses, getting the same results again and over again?  Perhaps never, however the herein HARTH described and doable solution has been available for being capitalized by oil companies and put into service since 1987 - and has been available on this website since 1998 for review, contained in our HARTH Introductory  Video (last segment).  Of course, this does not prevent well blow-outs it but does address rapid response to such oil containment on-going. 

Final Rx Clean-Up On Site; Out Link-Video: Petromist 25

PetroTech out-link to website (no affiliation)

Step  III

Natural Microbe Digestion, concurrent with HARTH Response ship operation.

Natural Microbe Digestion - out-link video  (no affiliation)

Job Complete - Seven Days...

 Waters, Beaches, Animals and Marshes; Pristine Clean

Further, these oil-clean-up equipped HARTH ships could be put on every commercial Hydro Lance fast ship built as Trawlers, Oil Tankers, Container Ships to even HARTH cruise ships - including an initial supply or Petromist 25 and booster microbe packs.   The Oil Companies could even  guarantee the loans to fishermen and transport ship operators / owners for the construction of these maritime ships so equipped, solving many economic issues, providing fast response to such spills, putting our shipyards back to work, creating  high-value export products, high-paying jobs, tax revenues and gaining a renewed  leadership position of  world transoceanic transport - in every class of ship then using half the fuel and transporting several times faster than today's practiced art. 

The Old Ways...


Above: Alaskan Valdese Oil Spill; March 24, 1989   ---   Workers With Mops and Buckets; The Old Response Plan - Is Still The Plan...

The Company in 1989,  then submit inquiry for interest  to select major oil companies for joint venture, HARTH License or investment participation for putting into service the solution herein described.  These submissions were summarily dismissed by lower management, or perhaps even at the clerical levels, each stating accepted suggestions may be considered and if accepted would be compensated with $65 - $79, which results with them owning all intellectual, copyrighted and patented property rights associated  the suggestion; The Policy.  'Certainly the height of arrogance at every level.  Now here we are once again with another major oil blow-out, oil slick and ecological disaster evolving in Gulf of Mexico having the same "old-ways" response plan.   When will the leadership light come on?  There is a much better way.

Oil Spill Clean-UP Systems Applicable To

Many Classes of Hydro Lance HARTH Maritime & Coast-Guard Ships...



 HARTH Ultra-Stable, Shallow Draft Freight and Cargo Ship                      Hydro Lance Million Barrel 75 Knot Shallow Draft, Ultra-Stable Oil Tanker 

Fast, shallow Draft, Ultra-Stable and Even  BEACHING Capable ...


       HARTH Ultra-Stable 65 Knot Livestock Transport                                             Hydro Lance 75 Knot Ocean Liner - No Motion Sickness

HARTH Live-Stock Ships  - Container Barge Ships ...

All Could Be HARTH Oil-Clean-Up Equipped;

Underwritten or Financed by Oil Giants for Independent Operators...


                       Hydro Lance HARTH Cable Ship                                            HARTH Stable, 65 Knot Fishing Trawler Ship

Old Way                            Slow and Risky                                   NEW Way


         Above: Conventional Oil Tankers                  HOG and SAG Sinks Conventional Tanker Ships          HARTH Super-Fast, Ultra-Stable, Container Barge Ship 

And So Much More ...

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