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Hydro Lance has expressed the H.A.R.T.H technology in this design of the Hydro Liner. Both to the right and to left sides of the frame, can be seen fishing trawlers. Note how the Hydro Liner averages the surface forces of all waves to zero. The result is no pitch, heave or roll. This platform may be configured as a luxury passenger liner, work boat or as a cargo transport. This sketch offers features to show some combined capabilities.

Below the house can be seen the outboard rail extensions of a moving crane (one of two) for off-loading fish from fishing boats far out at sea. Fresh fish brings a premium price at port. Fish is considered fresh is consumer delivered within 72 hours of being caught. Fishing boats and trawlers typically travel at speeds of 8-10 Knots (10-12 MPH). If they are 200 miles from port, this would mean 20 hours of travel, plus the time on site to catch the fish. Their holds are limited, and when filled, they must return, only td and travel back to where the catch was. The schools of fish may then be gone.

The Hydro Liner economically cruises at 52 Knots (60 MPH), and would be able to transport such catches of sea food, from several fishing boats or trawlers, to the same above 200 mile exampled port, in approximately 3 Hours 15 Minutes. Those fishing vessels could remain where they are and catch more fish for extended periods. The presence of a fast transport increases the value of the catch commodity, and also increases the safety for the conventional fishing boats for cases of needed rescue or other high-seas emergencies.

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