Hydro Lance HARTH Technology early 1987 test scale ship demonstrated for stability in high force sea states, low drag, high speeds and high fuel efficiency.




 the HARTH Technology


Shown: Bow Points of Early Half-Ton 27 Foot HARTH radio-controlled test vessel leaving port for open water - 1987


This frame from this same  video clip, shows the early HARTH tests to prove ultra-stability, significant drag reduction, high fuel efficiencies, low hull & structural stresses, very high-speeds (with smooth stability) in any sea at any heading, including quartering seas, having no rock, roll, pitch or heave.  The vessel operated on this day did so with only one air-pusher prop-driven model airplane engine.  The significant reduction of drag became immediately evident.

Hydro Lance HARTH technology began development in the early 1980's with the first demonstration vessel operated in 1987.  This technology has advance significantly since that time, with several such scale vessels run to destruction after many tests, gathering engineering data for analyses and refinements.  We share this very early clip with to demonstrate that the HARTH Technology is far beyond being just a concept, it is a proven capability. 

This research and development completed in the year 2000.  Our attention has since been invested in defining and refining the many and varied application designs of the HARTH Fast Ocean Ship technology.    The Company has now evolved numerous refinements for a wide range of ocean transport applications.   Below can be seen one such application; the passenger ferry.  With  operation of this fast ship, there is no heave, or pitch, no  roll and no Sea Sickness - ever. 


Above is an example shown of a relatively small Hydro Lance passenger ferry with a capacity of 310 passengers, having a sustainable cruising speed of 0-70 Knots even through high seas.  Other designs, which can be found throughout this web site, may have cruising speed of more than 150 Knots - with the same stability in high seas.

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