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Ultra-Stable Ocean-Based Permanent

City & Township Platforms

 Creating New Ecologically-Friendly Ocean Real Estate...


Built in HARTH TM  ultra-stable modular sections of 1200 Feet X 4200 Feet, the platform may be expanded into miles, as the sea-based city market real-estate demand justifies.  This Hydro Lance mega platform community is mobilized and can relocate or move in the alert of an approaching Category 4+ Hurricane / Typhoon out of harms way, then able to return unharmed.  Stationary force rating, without moving location, may be sustained through Force 8 Beaufort Scale sea-state.  The HARTH technology is owned in whole by the Hydro Lance Corporation with all rights reserved, but is accessible through License.

Top City Deck: Sea CityTM, a Master-Planned Green self-sustaining Community by Sxyzicity, Inc.;  providing for participation of numerous qualified architects and projects

Middle (2nd) Deck: Composes of EEI - Tig/m city rapid transport systems, people movers in addition to warehouses, cold storage, trash management, utilities and security.

Wet Deck: Power generation systems, waste processes, Solid waste to BioChar system, water treatment, recycle systems, utilities, warehouses, ingress/egress, loading platforms.

HARTH Hulls: Include Prime Movers, rain cistern tanks, saltwater to fresh water tanks, fuels, waste staging tanks, fire suppression tanks, fire pumps, thrusters, sensors and bulkheads,


Worldwide, a growing number of highly populated cities have either run out of real-estate, or are approaching saturation for any number of reason; terrain, flood zones, coastal erosion and growing populations.  Over 70% of all populations worldwide, lives with 100 miles of the ocean or a major waterway.  The non-availability of safe, useable real-estate contributes to the disparity between the poor and the wealthy, forcing those of poverty and near poverty persons into higher risk areas of real estate, then being exposed to floods, hurricanes, typhoons or high seismic zones, thus having new ocean based real-estate relieving space pressures of high density communities. 

Construction of the ultra-stable platforms of the HARTHTM Technology, affords the creation of high quality real estate for a logical and stable expansion of these populated areas.  The Hydro Lance HARTH ocean habitat platform is designed for ultra-stability, experiencing no heave, roll, pitch, heave, yaw, sway, hog or sag thereby mitigating any sense of sea-sickness, ever.  Designed for modular construction of ferroconcrete and specialized steel, these platforms can be build in sections, thus allowing the city community to grow as market demand would justify.  Ultimately, these platforms can be several miles in either direction, accommodating a significant population.  Rated for the passage of a Force 8 Beaufort Scale sea-state, the entire ocean city platform can mobilize under it's own power in the event of an approaching category 4 - 5 Hurricane or Typhoon, then moving out of harms way and returning when safe.  At sea and sufficiently away from land, Tsunamis are of no significant threat to the platform or community.

Such platforms would be master planned communities, expandable for miles.  Shown on the top deck is such ecological integration of a master planned city of Sxyzicity, Inc.  Commuting to land based ports is accomplished by HARTH High-Speed Ferries, new airships of EEI, Inc. & TIG/m, LLC as well as intra-city transportation systems.   The wet-deck contains waste management systems, conversions of solid waste to Biochar products & green fuels, water treatment facilities, saltwater conversion to fresh, sewage treatment, prime and auxiliary power systems, city utilities and ship utilities.  The second or middle deck contains security quarters, fire departments, command center, elevators, control center, working crew quarters, warehouses, cold storage and TIG/m  intra-city high-speed transport systems.  Selected Hydro Lance HARTH platform Hulls then contain fresh water tanks, sewer staging tanks, various fuel storage tanks, fire retardant & pumps, some utilities, sensors and prime power drivers.

Security is further enhanced as smaller communities become close-knit and involved with community management and safety as well as that the large distributed displacement of the double-walled & bulk-headed hulls make terrorist activity vastly more complicated as loosing sections from any terrorist activity of these hulls would not result with platform floatation compromises. 

Achieving these qualities of stability, safety and mobility are only possible utilizing the HARTH technology and would be compromised, using more conventional maritime ship and/or platform technologies. New stable real-estate is therefore created in a new world of sea-steading.  These modular and stable platforms may also become convention centers, sports stadiums, research centers, refugee camps, customs and even new security detainment facilities would afford a greater level of security when located away from land, in an open ocean platform locations.  Additionally  large Hydro Lance platforms may be configured for wind generation farms or ocean thermal differential power generation, storing energy to CryoniteTM .


Commuting To Land...



Hydro Lance Conversion: L-1011 to a 100+ Knott Ocean Rated Transport Ferry                --                  HARTH Fast, Stable Transport Ferries


Other Large HARTH Platform Applications


Ultra-Stable HARTH Off-Shore Airport  Platforms


Mobile Too

Above: Off-Shore mobilized Airports relieve congested areas which may be small or very large.  Such large HARTH platforms have other applications, such as off-shore airports in otherwise congested city areas and LNG off-shore terminals.  


Ultra-Stable Off-Shore LNG TERMINAL LARGE HARTH Platforms


Above: LNG Ocean-Based Terminal / Power Generation Hydro Lance HARTH Platform & Fast LNG Transport Ships.  Electricity and CNG is delivered to shore utilities through sea-floor cable and pipeline.


Ultra-Stable Ocean-Based Wind Energy Production


Stability in High Seas

Water Energy Production

Above: Ocean-based wind power generation to CryoniteTM Energy Storage on Hydro Lance Stable Platforms

Ultra-Stable Transfer Platforms

And So Much More ...













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