Fast Ferry conversions to HARTH technology, Hydro Lance Fast Ships, having ultra-stability in high sea states., shown SES and 727 conversions.

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Boeing 727 Conversion to
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About Asset:

Built in Norway, these new twin S.E.S. (Surface Effect Ship) passenger ferries experienced internal engine room damage on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic in high seas.  Slamming on high waves, a danger inherent to most all S.E.S, catamaran, trimaran and S.A.W.T.H. vessels, the engines were torn away and thrown from their mounts.  These vessels now berth on the California  coast, gathering moss.   The structure and hulls are not damaged and all furnishings are new and preserved.  These vessels are available to Hydro Lance at near salvage prices.
Surface Effect Ships, Catamarans and Hydrofoil ships all have structure and stress criteria suitable for conversion to the new Hydro Lance H.A.R.T.H technology.   Conversion would be to raise the SES vessels on Hydro Lance struts and hulls, integrating that structure with the SES ship, adding a lower deck (casino space), which may extend wider than the SES vessel itself, and re configuring the prime power and control leads.
Initial estimates are that both (two) vessels may be completed, tested, certified and staffed for under $7,000,000 to the actual beginning of operations.  Scenarios for operations in the Northwest and Southwest are being explored, though there are many other market options, domestically and internationally.

Post Conversion, Artist Rendering:

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Shown above,  is the approximate appearance, of the SES vessel conversion to a Hydro Lance Ship.  This now ultra-stable ocean vessel, will have no motion heave or  pitch, with less than 5 degree of roll, in high seas, whether the ship is traveling at 8 knots, or 50 knots.  Fuel consumption is less than half that of a conventional vessel, ton for ton of displacement, mile for mile traveled.   A front observation deck for passengers is featured in this artist concept.


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