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 Putting Our Country Back On Its Feet - Now!

2011-2012 Actionable Solutions For

The U.S. Congress, the Senate and President



Legislative Actionable Solutions for 2011 – 2012

-       Putting America Back On Its Feet    -


Walter R. Reed


 This white paper is proposing specific solutions to putting this country back solidly on its feet with its control returned to ‘we the people’. Fundamental to any sustained economy stands on the foundation of product; the production of products (Machine tools, manufacturing, infrastructure and agriculture, etc.). All services and service jobs depend and stand on the economic foundation and pillars of product being produced and sold.  In the 1950’s our country was 70%+ a ‘product economy’; today this is down to an approximate 9% to 14% product economy, depending if agriculture and non-value-added natural resources mined and sold are being included.  Our wealth is being grossly exported with our dependency on product imports as well as energy imports.   China has become a huge winner in this 35 year process of de-industrialization of America.  Now we borrow the money from them to buy our products   - and to run our country.

Herein, we may consider more aggressive and specific actionable solutions to our failing economy, adherence to our Constitutional laws, reduction of government bureaucracies, discouraging the continued dislocation of our manufacturing  base to off-shore locations and corporate headquarter to  tax evasion locations, curbing exported wealth, the reestablishment of our product manufacturing base, a workable healthcare resolution putting you in charge with a better benefit, reduction of  the national debt in real terms, transforming the value of the Dollar while concurrently reducing the tax burden on our citizens and businesses and also demonstrating the specific ways to pay for each solution:

Reinvestment in American Industries:

A.)   Impose a 5% tax on any and all EXPORTED natural resources inclusive of minerals, ore, fresh water, raw forestry logs, coal, etc.; impounded to an annual auditable Trust Fund (barring government from borrowing from this fund) with one purpose – to Guarantee 50% of RISK capital investment by any Investors to only private inventors and innovators, small business (already defined by SBA) to prove and develop t o a pre-production commercial prototype demonstration any such significant innovation or invention.   

B.)    Introduce a 20% Tax Credit for the risk capital investor income for Risk Capital (non-collateral backed) investment for investor or investor group, companies and/or organizations investing into new inventions, innovation or processes of the independent, private inventor or group, having demonstrated such product prototype, discovery, concept or process of having reasonable promise and economic feasibility for an adequate return on investment.

                                    i.            The above loan guarantee of” A.)” And the tax credit of “B.)”will have two caveat provisions that beneficiary companies, entities or any subsidiary, department or division of such larger established companies or organizations, otherwise qualified to benefit from this tax credit benefit, which has sales of more than Thirty Million Dollars or having current lender or bank qualified collateral (useable to guarantee such risk investment), shall be exempt from qualification to receive or use this tax credit benefit. Additionally, any such resulting developed product or process is to be manufactured in the USA only for a minimum of Ten years.  Non-compliance results with such tax credit being revoked and re- payable to IRS.  Falsifying information to qualify for either of these incentives is to be made a felony charge.

                                  ii.            These incentives would not be available to the services industry or services innovations; rather only for that which produce a physical product where self-investment or collateral is not otherwise available to for at-risk investment.  Examples:

                                                               i.      That Product would include new shippable software having new invention or innovation for market advantage, but not for the resulting service business; only shippable product.  

                                                             ii.      Your local Drycleaner is a service business, but the equipment sold to the dry cleaner is a product.

                                                            iii.      Restaurants are service businesses, but the equipment, cooking systems and chairs are manufactured products sold and purchased for operations of such service businesses.

                                 iii.            For the first time, the people and the economy will appreciate some payment and benefit of economic growth investment from any of our exploited raw national natural resources, including fresh water, being mined and exported.

                                iv.             Stimulates advancement of the new invention, concept or processes for new markets and market demand which is the justification for manufacturing investment to be kept in the USA. This results with jobs, profit, export growth, tax revenues and reduction of trade deficits.  U.S. History demonstrates that approximately 70% of all new jobs are directly the result of the private inventor and innovator over the past 150 years; a class ignored since the early 1980’s (with the exception of the IC and software industries).  Financially invested, this inventor class of citizens provides more private-sector jobs immediately than any other sector.

                                  v.            The provisions of items A.) And B.) may be combined to provide investors with a reduction of risk for risk capital of non-collateral backed investments by approximately 70%, thus incentivizing major reinvestment in America.

Social Security:

                                vi.            Impose a 5% tax on any and all EXPORTED currency, whether by wire transfer, western union, checks cashed at foreign banks, credit card draw from off shore locations, etc., impounded to a similar trust fund as “A.)” , but dedicated to making whole and solvent our Social Security system, including cost of living raises to all recipients.   Individual and company contributions (FICA) will be tax deductable under current IRS code, but not in a new flat tax or fair tax plan.  Beneficiary Social Security payment will not be taxable.  Social Security will not be vested for any individual not having paid-in or being registered for less than a period of ten years.  

                               vii.            Discourages corporations from locating their headquarters, manufacturing and operations off-shore to escape taxes.

                             viii.            Discourages off-shore outsourcing.

                                ix.            Ends the Social Security funding problem.  Federal loans taken by Federal Notes are to be ‘called’ on a reasonable annual repayment over the next twenty years.

                                  x.            Preserves Social Security System and retirement payout rates inclusive of cost of living increases.

                                xi.            Diminishes or may even eliminate the burden on companies, industries and the individual of FICA premiums further encouraging investment in America.  Encourages Corporate locations and manufacturing in America, thus raising overall tax revenues collected.

National Healthcare:

C.)    Impose a two percent (2%) Tax on all SEC security SALES inclusive of hedge funds, domestic bank debt swaps, stocks and Bonds, etc., then impounded to a dedicated, isolated Trust Fund to pay for a revised and stream-line health care.  Such a revised national health care plan as the RETLAW plan (whole separate subject) – summary white paper upon request.  This plan also includes mandating insurance competition over state lines and to allow Rx drugs to be purchased from outside of the country. 

                                    i.            Ends our health care funding problems

                                  ii.            Puts the individual completely back in charge of their own health care.

                                 iii.            Increases and leverages useable benefit of the consumer each year.

                                iv.            Retlaw Plan is self capitalizing each year, so 70% of unused individual benefit budgets rolls over growing this individual benefit year after year.

                                  v.            Provide huge clarity to all employers and costs savings.

                                vi.            Replaces Medicare and Medicaid vastly reducing government size, bureaucracy and the tax payer overhead that goes with it., etc.

Tax Reform:

D.)   Immediately move to a  Progressive Flat Tax (three  brackets) replacing existing income tax, all excise taxes, capital gains tax, estate and death tax and perhaps 50% cut in all sin taxes which are hurting only the poor.  Suggest the three brackets begin at 9% to incomes up to $100K/year, 18% up to incomes of $900K/year and a maximum 27% for incomes above thereafter.  Income would be based on Adjusted Gross Income.

                                    i.            Provides immediate clarity to the economy, investors, employers, small business and individual tax payers.

                                  ii.            Huge reduction in IRS bureaucracy reduces tax payer burden of accounting services, defense lawyers and tax specialists; an amount currently equal to or exceeding all current income tax collected!

                                 iii.            Congress may be enact legislation for incentives tax credits, similar to current IRS policies though amounts of such credits may be adjusted as appropriate to a new tax system.

                                iv.            Mandate that any and all annual Property Taxes, Federal, State and Local combined, to be contained to a maximum limit of 2% of assessor’s value, and that no combined property taxes may be assessed for payment which exceeds 20% of the owner’s gross income as documented and reported to the IRS and State income tax authorities.


Unfunded Federal and State Retirement Liabilities / Funds:

E.)    These ‘Trust’ are effectively bankrupt; unfunded liabilities to tune of approximately One Trillion Dollars.  Fortunately the fix is rather straight forward and simple;

                                    i.            Any Retirement benefit or payment of any member or employee of any agency of  the Federal,  State, County, City or Town Government or civic organization, including the Congress, Senate and Executive Branch, shall not begin receiving  such plan retirement payment or benefits until  individual qualified persons reach an age of 65 years; being the same or similar as for most Americans. 

                                                               i.      The exception is any service member of the U.S. Military services who has reached a tenure of 20 years service at which time his/her retirement benefit may begin.

                                                             ii.      At age 65, the retirement monthly rate of persons noted in (a.-i.) payment begins.

                                                            iii.      There will no retroactive payment considered.

                                                           iv.      Retirements shall be calculated as it is now based on accomplishment and tenure.

                                  ii.            Problem solved; such trust funds are now made solvent (just do the numbers to see).

                                 iii.            Unfunded liabilities of and from such funds is thus eliminated.

Trade Treaties:

F.)    Impose a 1% tariff on all imported goods, material and energy on any country the is not is full compliance to the letter of any existing trade agreement inclusive of equal working rights, humanitarian compliance and any other detail which we are required for compliance.  Raise that 1% tariff each subsequent year which the effected country remains as non-compliant. 

                                    i.            Impound the revenue (huge) to a trust making illegal for the Federal Government to borrow against this fund.

                                  ii.            This fund is then dedicated to reducing the Federal Debt to off-shore interest.  When all such obligations are met and maintained, that fund then can used to reduce tax payer obligations and to increase revenues toward grade level and upper education* (See Item ‘H’).

                                                               i.      The USA consumer market remains the most lucrative in the world, even through these difficult economic periods.  It’s past time that we use this strength as leverage for equality of competition and a tool by which to enforce humanitarian rights.

                                                             ii.      Application of such tariffs would be inclusive of all countries including, but not limited to, China, Russia, Asia and the middle east of minerals, wood, product, services, coal and natural gas (CNG and LNG).

                                                            iii.      Secondary benefit is to encourage domestic energy production inclusive of green alternatives.


Education Reform:

G.)   Mandate by Executive Order that all Federal and State revenues for K12 education to follow the student only!  This can be contained in the Public School System then having local school district decide whether charter schools are required to meet Federal Education Standard and Goals.   A percentage (perhaps 8%) of the students funds received by a school for attendance will be directed to the local district for administration purposes, local buses and collective supply and material purchasing (each school pays for those ordered  books and supplies to the school district).   Monetary support of education shall be derived from the general tax revenues only with greater accountability that this structure assures.


                                    i.            Returns the authority to the parents, and the Principal in negotiating which public school to attend.  The school has the right to reject such applications for cause (i.e.: criminal records, attitude of learning, disruptiveness, etc.)

                                  ii.            Busing is limited to the school district only; parents are required to provide daily transportation for their student attending a school outside of the local district.

                                 iii.            Schools now compete for excellence and students (revenue).  The curriculum is determined by the Principal and may include fine arts, gym, trade shops, science advancements, etc, which ever best serves the student, locality and demographics.

                                iv.            State and Federal departments of education authority as to decisions of a school’s curriculum, the books being utilized, the methods of teaching and other intrusive policies are diminished to recommendations or eliminated as is the cost and bureaucracy of those organizations.

                                  v.            Teachers unions will have to now deal with individual schools independently and otherwise, Principals will make the decisions on teacher pay rates, incentives, etc.  Schools will now be competing with quality and curriculum an incentive for student enrollment and attendance.  Failing schools will get new Principal and they set incentives for teachers.  If unionized, that’s fine, but the school must still compete or be forced to close.  If closed, then perhaps a charter school replaces them determined by the parents and the local school district.

                                vi.            The responsibility of the State and Federal Department of Education is to monitor authored tests administered periodically for progress of schools in meeting State and Federal goals of education.  Books, content and curriculum are the sole determination of school’s teachers and it’s Principal. The government or Departments of Education, Federal or State, shall have no other authority or monetary or policy control over any local school, school district or publicly funded colleges.

                                                               i.      One concurrent authority and responsibility of the remaining Federal Board Of Education will be to assure Internet posting of all schools progresses of periodic testing and monitoring noted.  Further, that each school will have such rankings clearly posted on a wall for all to see in front of the Principal’s office of each school and a summary of the school district posted on that district’s public bulletin board and on a local Internet website.  This will be sufficient to provide local public pressures from the population of each school district for meaningful demands and progresses on local schools.

                               vii.            Revenues are derived from Federal and State general tax funds in addition to contributions as note in Item ‘E’.  Our Country already spends more per student than any country in world with the poorest results.  The above changes significantly eliminate wasted administrative bureaucrats and overhead, while putting control of education back in the hands of state and local authorities; something that worked well prior to the 1970’s.

                             viii.            These changes shall no way diminish private individual or company contributions to any such school.

                                ix.            Additional dedicated revenues are derived per item J.) to augment education.

*Higher Education:

I.)   Secondary Education is extremely important, now more than ever.  Two year colleges are critical and should be part of the public required education through 20 years of student age.  Our Two Year colleges are already highly subsidized by public funds, but costs, enrollment, classes, facilities and staffing is already on the increase, would then have growth demand for enrollment explode.  With U.S. Citizen enrollment and completions of Junior College being diminished per capita of population, immediate steps are also required to reverse this trend.

a.      To augment monetary coverage of these expenses, a portion of revenue is to realized from a 30% portion of Item ‘J’ of existing Fuel Taxes which shall be impounded to a public-trust impervious to government borrowing, to help subsidize such costs, in addition to public tax funds, and to help contain costs of student books and tuitions for all equally, without regard to race, creed, religion or origin of any student.

b.      Enrollment admission of all publicly sponsored (tax payer subsidized) colleges shall have seating be restructured to:

                                                           i.            70% admission and seating to U.S. born or Naturalized Citizens.

                                                         ii.            30% to off-shore, foreign and U.S. Visa applicants - maximum.

c.    Two year publicly sponsored colleges shall be authorized, in addition to current curriculums, to include curriculums of the blue-collar trades which can result with an Associate Degree.

                                                           i.            Trades shall include, but not limited to: plumbing, carpentry, metal working, welding & fabrication, machining, CNC & input programming, foundry and extrusions, plastic forming, composite molding and fabrication, hydraulics, waste management and technology, CAD drafting, design illustration & modeling, water purification and technologies, wind and solar installations, manufacture and sub-systems, automation, electricians, electronics, engines & mechanics, aircraft systems and maintenance, etc.

                                                      ii.               Academic admissions testing, grading and scoring shall be equal to any and all student applicants regardless of origin, race, creed, or religion, subject only to “I.) – b.” above.


Illegal Immigration Resolve:

H.)   Immediately stop or repeal amnesty and enforce 1986 enacted immigration laws while also redefining quotas for legal immigration limits and E-Verify system for authenticity of legal status.  Secure the borders and ports including funds to do it, including Congressman Dunkin Hunter’s double wall fencing system with well manned and controlled entry stations putting a halt to illegal drug and human trafficking.   Coincidently steam-line and expand the agricultural and hotel servicing worker visa program to assure labor is available to these industries; cooks being excluded as well as all other industries and government positions having displace American Citizen workers.


Further, there is no sustainable logic in pursuing the unabated current policies of transferring Mexico’s population into the United States as is statistically evident over the past 15 years and in violation of laws established by Congress in a negotiated compromise for granting Amnesty in 1986.   The results have been grim with bankrupting health services, public services, welfare, citizen’s job displacement, lowered wages, tax avoidance, SS and crime, gang wars and prison cost burdens as well as police enforcement burdens.   This must stop now.



                                    i.            Significantly reduces the civic and public burden on health and welfare costs.  

                                  ii.            Mexico needs major constructive adjustments and help in Mexico (separate program – see Item “P.”).

                                 iii.            Significant reduction in smuggled illegal drugs, Coyotes’ and indentured people.

                                iv.            Diminishes demographic burdens of population shifts on natural and energy resources here.

                                  v.            Preserves American Trades and Jobs from displacement by cheap undocumented labor

                                vi.            Relieves enrollment load on public schools, now out of control.


Foreign Aid and U.S. Homeless Aid

I.)      Legislate: The elimination of any foreign aid to any country ‘thumbing their nose at America’, having participation in terrorist activities, human rights violations and abuse, or significant anti-American demonstrations or activities.  Accurately account for the resulting foreign-aid savings realized, then impound those budgeted saving to a trust which is to be dedicated to the relief and rehabilitation of the growing ‘homeless’ population in own country.

                     i.    Impose an initial 10% tariff on any country's imports not in full compliance of any negotiated and existing trade treaty, increasing each year by an equal amount until such offending country is in full detail of compliance with such trade treaties enacted into law or practice. 

Government foreign aid budgets shall be auditable, defined of purpose, monitored and verified as to spent money use and completion of each targeted off-shore project to free of corruption, missing funds, misuse, by anyone foreign or domestic.  Any finding of inappropriate use immediately ends the funding to the program to such country until and unless such funds are subsequently located and repaid, and that such misuse or corruption, inclusive of any arms purchases and militant funding is identified and eliminated in a verifiable manner being internet posted and accessible by the American public. 

                                   i.            Note: We have an army of qualified Accountants, CPA’s and Lawyers freed up with passage of a Progressive Flat Tax replacement of current IRS code.  This segment of professions would be redirected for audits of the Banking, Insurance and Financial Industries we will put all them back to work. 

                                 ii.            Revisit the Monroe Doctrine for decisive and defined limits on interference of off-shore foreign government interference with countries of North America, Mexico, South American continents and the Caribbean.


J.)     Our Country’s roads, highways, bridges, rail, waterways, safeguarding potable water supplies and transportation remain in critical need of repair, construction and updating with newest of U.S. technologies available.   Once this country was the leader of roads, highways and transport, now having slid to a weak second or even third worldwide.  This is unacceptable.  New unfunded technologies and capabilities such as airships, the HARTH high speed ocean highway surface transport systems, new high-speed rail systems, pyrolytic and plasma burns of all solid wastes eliminating landfills, new any-fuel silent engines, alternative energies, etc. remain dormant, but ready for capital infusions for commercial developments and thousands of jobs.   Accordingly;


1.        Immediately impound existing fuel taxes to a trust similar as noted in Item ‘A’ whereas 70% is impounded, dedicated only to this purpose in addition to general public tax funds and Bond issues as appropriate.  These funds will not go to the general government fund.

2.       Enact and impose a 300 basis point (approximatel 1/3 of 1%) tax collection on all 4X Transactions based on the Gross value of trades.  This small amount will never be a hardship on such trades, but collectively represents a huge tax base of revenue and would contribute to suppressing flash computer trade having contributed to the economic crash of 2008 and earlier ‘dot com’ market crash earlier.

                                                              i.      Impound these revenues to a dedicated trust specifically to fund:

1)      25% to National and State said Infrastructure repairs, upgrades, new transport systems, water supplies, storage and distribution systems, new innovative systems for solid waste disposal and sewage handling.

2)      25% dedicated to supporting free tuition for the two year college and trade curriculums as noted above in item “I.)”.

3)   30% dedicated to K-12 education per item "G)".

3.       Implementation  of scaled and / or full commercial sized demonstrations of new technologies shall be equally available to the private inventor and established U.S. based companies alike of these ‘risk investment funds’ project awarded tasks without discrimination. 

4.       Award project funds shall be certifiably accountable, progress monitored, and completion verified by an independent commission appointed by Department of Highways and Transportation.  Independent shall mean that no commission participant shall have any affiliation with a transport company, transport contractor or political influence.

5.       Major system prime construction of such public transport system, highways and bridge repair and or construction shall be awarded to either of United States based new teams and/or established teams and companies best qualified to properly accomplish such a task without any compromise of the technology being implemented.  Such awards shall not be made to off-shore companies.

Potable Water Supplies:

K.)    Potable Water Supplies have become critical to current and future generations.  Fresh water is been termed ‘the new gold’ and ‘the new oil’.  Already, Mr. T. ‘Bone’ Pickens has bought up the land with water rights of the largest aqua-fir in Texas and form President Bush has done the same of the largest aqua-fir in Brazil, located on the southern end.   Ranchers and speculators have done the same across the United States.  Former President Bush has publicly stated that he anticipates a return on him investment of a Billion Dollars.  Complicating problem is industrial and commercial contamination of existing ground water supplies. Documented zones include carcinogen chemicals contaminates, methane, crude oil and fracturing  chemical contaminants, industrial chemicals and dangerous levels of  pharmaceutical drug contaminates are examples.  Further, droughts, uncontrolled immigration and demographic population shifts have exhausted these renewable resources in the arid areas of the country.  There has never been any real long range planning for sustaining fresh, potable water supplies.  So very much has to be done now.

1.       Legislate that any and all fresh water supplies may be accessed for public potable water supplies and that any such water table, aqua-fir or lake whose privately held owner has such water rights, shall be able to sell such to public water works at a wholesale price not to exceed 15% above the average wholesale price of all water districts in the State of origin.

2.       That any public water works or district shall never draw down more that 40% of any such static or renewable source of privately owned aqua-firs, water tables or lakes for any reason.

3.       Any and all public or private water works and/or districts shall guarantee fresh water supplies at current or future volumes and price variance, adjusted to cost of living CPI Index, not to exceed rate prices 20% above current water rates, through an 8 year draught.

                                                               i.      Legislate that If such potable supplies cannot be guaranteed to the service district authorized, then new building permits within that water district shall be immediately be suspended until such guarantee can be certified by a state appointed independent commission to evaluate such supplies to be certifiable.  

                                                             ii.      Existing buildings and structures would be excluded for permits of upgrading or reconstruction.

1)      This above actions will cause water works, water districts and both local and state authorities to work together to further develop catch basins, reservoirs, aqua-ducts, water purification, water reclamation and salt water conversion technologies with projects then allowing new fresh water supplies being developed to meet a safe on-going supply.

                                                            iii.      Funding, in addition to Federal and State general tax appropriations and Bonds, shall be augmented by the existing said impounded Fuel Taxes per item “J.)”.


L.)     Environment safeguarding is imperative to the both human and wildlife safety currently and for generations to come.  While mans contributions of CO2 as the cause of global temperature warming have been largely debunked by scientific falsification of documents and omission of many scientist’s reports and conclusions from the global warming report documents in a political effort for profits (Cap & Trade) and concentrated control  of every person and entity on earth. However, other pollutants are very serious and demanding for suppression and control for the safety of our water supplies, lakes, oceans, wildlife, food supplies and the atmosphere we breathe.  At the same time, our economy is threatened with collapse and reasoned minds must take steps avoiding any further economic chaos.

1.       Block and end any consideration for the Cap and Trade legislation or treaties.

2.       Mandate an independent commission of Scientist, with each member having no association with oil, gas, fracturing, coal, pharmaceutical or a chemical company, asses and report on any contamination by such industrial operations as to domestic surface or subsurface fresh water supplies and coastal oceans, inclusive of recommendations of action to assure water quality safety.   This commission is chartered to always provide a reasoned process solution for safety assurance to the project sponsoring company or organization; being a corrective solution.

                                                               i.      EPA will enforce such recommendations of the independent appointed commission.

                                                             ii.      The sponsoring company or entities shall pay for this environmental assessment. 

                                                            iii.      The appointed independent commission shall draw upon this country’s  army of independent inventors or innovators for designed solutions to license for such solutions, as well as our Universities.  A website will be established dedicated to this purpose to receive such technological developments, proposals and inputs.

3.       Mandate that the FDA declare all synthetic or organic chemical utilized in any of our Food Supplies to be first proven as long-term safe for human consumption before approval of any use be awarded and legal; to free of toxicity and potential adverse affects on any of the DNA of our human genome. 

4.       Mandate that Pharmaceuticals having such threats be reported by the sponsoring company and must clearly be labeled on such products of these potential effects as warnings.

5.       Mandate that all GMO foods are so labeled inclusive of warning that no long term testing for safety has been done; labeling paid for by the provider.

6.       Atmospheric pollution, excluding CO2, is and has been a serious matter; SiO2, hydrocarbons, benzene, methane, particulates and other chemical compounds cause acid rain, breathing problems, and both biological and physiological adverse effects on both human and wild life. 

                                                               i.      Mandate the EPA to provide recommended solutions to significantly reduce these emissions in a reasoned and progressive manner, given the economic need for energy independence, considering existing logistics, the period of transition away from fossil fuels to alternatives and our continued export of wealth, that a reasoned time frames be given to the sponsoring product / energy producing company or organizations to comply.  That being done, if non-compliance continues, then shut down the operation until such compliance can be demonstrated and sustained.

7.       See item ‘A.)’ And ‘U.)’ as to how such new inventions, solutions and innovations become invested in and are paid for.

Waste Management:

M.) Waste disposal has traditionally been land-fills, now at capacities with no end in sight of solid wastes disposal.  Advancements in the private sector of pyrolitic and plasma burns has solved this problem allowing full consumption and burning of solid wastes in an expedient manner while sequestering carbon and atmospheric pollution, producing marketable products of bio-char, activated carbon, charcoal and electricity.  Political obstruction, State and local civic budgets and monopolized industrial influences have stifled progress to establishing meaningful, commercially sized demonstration plants which can solve this national problem.

1.       Mandate an initial Federal and Civic initiative for an implementation of these innovative systems to relieve our solid waste burdens, landfills and environmental improvements.

2.       May be public or privately sponsored

3.       Investment and payback is enabled through provisions of Item “A.)”.

Medicines, Chemicals, Food and the FDA:

N.)   Pharmaceutical prescribed medicines currently maim or kill some 45,000 ‘reported’ persons domestically each year.  Unreported serious side-effect is anticipated to be several times that figure.  Unacceptable.  Further, long term studies as to the effects on the DNA of recipient patients have never been considered or studied for safety, nor has the 22,000 plus industrial chemicals utilized in our food supplies.  The incident of per capita cancers, diabetes, autism, pre-mature puberty in children, liver, pancreas and kidney disease, central nervous system disruptions are all on the increase per capita.  The war on Cancer established in the early 1950’s has failed with as many or more having died from these treatments and drugs - as having survived the synthetically established 5 year survival rate, not even considering a 10 year survival.  Our food supplies remain unprotected as does  much of our water supplies. Most of the funds supporting the FDA come from the Pharmaceutical Companies, directly or indirectly; an incestuous corrupted relationship leading to so many bad drugs being approved, include withheld damaging data and truth spinning in the final reports.  Law firms are in their glory seeking reprieve for dead victims.  In summary, the Federal Food and Drug Administration have failed.  FDA; you have not served the public or safeguarded ‘approved’ medicines or our food supply in over 50 years. Your FIRED!

1.       Reinvent the FDA; Establish an independent commission, representative equally of all parts of the healthcare industry to elect or appoint a new Board of Director Authority having one member from each healthcare fraction of the industry of each such specialty fraction, to then appoint to the final candidates authorized for control of the New FDA.  Accordingly, the pharmaceutical industry will ultimately have one such seat, chiropractors another, nutritionialist another, researchers another, M.D.’s another, surgeons one, nurses one, acupuncture specialist one, herbalist one, etc.  Laws, legislative repeals, new policies and execution will be their responsibility and each will have will be limited to a six year term of service. 

2.       Mandate repeal of existing legislation which defines that; any and all medicines utilized for the diagnosis, therapy, pain relief or cure of any disease to be a synthetic pharmaceutical drug.

3.       Mandate that all industrial chemicals utilized in our food supplies of any kind be tested and certified by the new FDA as safe for human consumption – or banned for such use.

4.       Mandate a new program with the EPA to certify the safety of our potable water supplies.  All customers and users of such water supplies must be clearly warned by sign and label of any suspect dangers of consumption or bathing. 

5.       Label to be put on any GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods.

6.       No funding of the FDA shall be allowed received, directly or indirectly by the new FDA except 50% of double blind testing by an independent research comities, having no association of its participants with any product sponsoring Pharmaceutical Company or Industrial Chemical Company. Each accredited researcher on such testing groups will be an Independent on these committees for recommendation as to approve or deny approval of the said product or substance submitted. 

                                                               i.      Each such committee (perhaps 12 members each) for pharmaceutical drug approvals or natural substance or therapy approval, or industrial chemical approval for use in our food supply, to be composed equally of medical doctors, toxicologists, DNA (PhD) researchers, organic chemists and nutritionists.

7.       Double-blind testing for approval of any promising therapy or substance, as well as the  overhead and administration of the new FDA shall be paid out of the general Federal Tax Fund, as approved by Congress for assurance of public safety.  The public shall hold them accountable.

8.       Augmenting these costs shall be a 2% levied tax on all industrial chemicals sold, domestically manufacture or imported, to any company or organization producing or modifying any food in our food supplies.  This tax shall impounded to a trust dedicated to new FDA double-blind testing of any substance or therapy having demonstrated clinical promise as a beneficial treatment for the relief or cure of any disease for approval by the new FDA – or banning same for such purpose.

Homeland Security:

O.)   Homeland Security appears to be out of control.  Czars with war-time powers effectively granted, obviating the Congress and Senate and any check or balancing as required by our Constitution.  Formation of Intern Camps for containment of ‘civil unrest’ and Division and/or Battalions of the military re-labeled by any name for control and armed confrontation of our domestic population having ‘unrest’ , demonstrations, and activist groups in disagreement with government decisions and actions. Privacy invasions without a warrant, invasive data collection and secret CIA lists of any and all citizen protesters is just unacceptable. This obviates our U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights. We need aggressive steps to correct these wrongs:

1.       Abolish such Czars and return this responsibility to the Congress and Senate having such department heads fully accountable to the Congress and Senate.

2.       Mandate Shariah Law, a political doctrine, outlawed anywhere in the United States from existence, practice or the teaching of Shariah Law.

                                                               i.      This should have by now been sponsored by the Muslim Community for legislative action to demonstrate the loyalty and dedication of the great majority of peaceful Muslims living for years in America.

                                                             ii.      Violation results with immediate deportation and loss of any Citizenship and all Visa rights

3.       TSA to adopt Israel security methods of six layer screening with behavior profiling accentuated.  Only those single out in that process need go through secondary and third levels of image scanner, searches and body searches. 

                                                               i.      They have never had on terrorist such incident to date on their airlines.

4.       Enforce existing immigration laws of circa 1986 including building Duncan Hunter’s fence the entire practical length of the southern border with Mexico.  This immediately contains and reduces drug and human trafficking, as well as weapon smuggling.

                                                               i.      Expand worker visa program to the agricultural hotel industries only and streamline the Worker Visa process, with Visa tracking and time of authorization being strictly enforced with funding provided.

                                                             ii.      Deny amnesty legislation as this was already done in the 1980’s having predicable results of non-funding enforcement of illegal immigration since. 

1)      Any existing illegal immigrant successfully demonstrating a sustained job with demonstration of having paid taxes, both income and FICA and without criminal record, for a minimum period of three years, shall be given a 24 month deferral limit from deportation, to then demonstrate command of the English language and be successfully processed to U.S. Citizenship.  Failing, deportation is mandatory.

5.       Expand and fund truck inspections, equipment and personnel to accomplish same at designated security boarder passage points and at indigenous wild-life crossing tunnels.

Mexico; Our Neighbor and Friend

P.)    Mexico needs our assistance to rid the government and all of its fractions of corruption, to arrest and eliminate drug lords and such organizations as well as to help with utilities, sewer systems, potable water resources, waste disposals and their transportation infrastructure -  including their coastal water highways.  Remarkably, Mexico is one of richest countries in the world of minerals, precious metals (recent discovery of large silver deposit in the world),oil, natural resources and coast line to both east and west oceans, yet that country remains in the grip of corruption and crime Lords. The Mexico’s population is generally an industrious, hard working, peaceful and faith based people – and they are our neighbors.

1.       Quietly arrange with Mexico’s President a joint exercise with their military and police forces where we join in crossing Mexico in a matrix, from both east and west coasts, door to door and desert to mountains to eradicate the Drug Lords and their criminal operations.

                                                               i.      Once joint military and police plan is solidified, execute plan immediately and stopping only when the mission is fully accomplished.

                                                             ii.      Enact a major crackdown here on smuggled, black-market exported firearms from our Country, making such deals a felony on all involved. 

2.       Mexico’s government and bureaucracies have been notoriously corrupt for decades.  Define a specific assistance program to clean-up the corruption with accountable results monitored monthly for both progress and plan adjustments.  Define a time limit to this program of perhaps a maximum of 36 months.

3.       Assist Mexico with all infrastructure requirements of sewers, waste management, fresh water, transportation systems, roads & coast water-way highways, utilities, airports and ocean ports.   This will lift the country and provide many jobs in Mexico for Mexico.

                                                               i.      Funding can arranged through public and private loans backed with the collateral of Mexican Oil and minerals available to the Mexican government.

                                                             ii.      Foreign aid grants can funding may be realized from the savings from Item” F.)”.



Labor, Professional and Government Unions:

Q.)   Unions, without doubt, are also out of control in our Country.  Yet, they have played a very vital roll play in lifting the standard of living over many years for their members.   There right to organize must be maintained, but limits have to be imposed.

1.       Mandate all that all votes to unionize or de-unionize is by secret ballot only.

2.       Threats and or coercive measures taken by any union member upon any employee of any organization are a crime and to be made a Felony offence.

3.       Mandate that unions may not coerce or threaten or demand donations or solicit any member as to political voting, opinions or political alignment, nor may and any Union utilize any member dues for any political party support, payments, donations or rendered services. 

                                                               i.      Convictions of such will carry a Million Dollar fine on the offender and union organization for each offense.

4.       Small businesses:  Any company or organization having Ten (10) or less employees shall be exempt from any binding union contracts.

Senate and Congressional Salaries, Laws and Terms of Service:

R.)    Confidence of the U.S. Citizens has seriously diminished and has now to be reestablished of public faith in both the Congress and Senate.  So much has been lost to obvious opulence, misuse of taxpayer revenues, bribes directly or indirectly, corruption, lack of long-range planning, voting based on self-servicing pay raises, perks and campaign donations and special interest chits and favors.  All without first consideration to the health and prosperity of our country.

1.       Salaries:  Legislate that Congress shall recommend and authorize pay levels for the Senate members collectively and the Senate shall recommend and authorize pay levels for Congress members collectively, with either and both having approval or veto power by the President.

2.       That the health care plans of both the Senate, Congress and Government shall be funded in full compliance with Item:  “D.)”.

3.       Legislate and enforce that any campaign contributions in excess of $2,000, either directly or indirectly received, be fully and publically disclosed as to the source of such funds and the amounts collectively received. 

                                                               i.      This disclosure shall include any source of funding contribution or service rendered, including companies, contractors, individuals, organization for profit or non-profit, special interest groups and any off-shore funds received.

4.       Mandate that any Congressman or Senator shall not serve contiguously in office for more than 12 years and that;

                                                               i.       Any and all retirement benefits shall not exceed 50% of the highest two year average pay beginning an age commensurate with Social Security benefits and that vesting in the plan can occur only after the fourth year of tenure in office.

5.       Travel , official or personal, inclusive of transportation, food, gifts, services and hotels shall never be paid for or compensated by and public or private company, contractor, organization, individual, off-shore interests or foreign government, except as officially authorized collectively by Congress, the Senate and/or the President.  Such said exceptions shall be a matter of public record.

6.       Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; And, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States. (Courtesy of Dr. Jake Jeffrey, Tea Party)

S.)    Equal Rights applies to our government, not just to their citizen subjects.  The disparity of tax-payer benefits between Congressmen, Senators, government and tax-paying public is outrageous. According we demand a Constitutional Amendment as follows;

1.       Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States."

Balanced Federal Budget:

T.)    A Balance Budget is imperative to a sustained solvent government and economy, but needs some healing time before mandated enforcement.

1.       Legislate and mandate Balance Budget amendment this year for government operations which is to fully implement beginning after three fiscal years; January, 2014.

2.       Legislate that all Congressman and Senators result with a 10% cut in annual salary for each year thereafter in which the Federal Budget is not balance, though not to a exceed 30% reduction.

                                                               i.      Full salaries shall be reinstituted when the Federal Budget is balanced, but not retroactively.

                                                             ii.      During any such annual period in which the Federal Budget is not balanced, there be no proposed or approved pay raises or cost of living adjustment in either the House or Senate.

Anti-Monopoly Legislation:

U.)   Monopoly proliferation has stifled innovation and invention which otherwise would justify new business formations and product manufacturing investment in America.  Market ownership of any service or product refutes competitive internal or competitive innovation as only disruptive to the amortization of tooling, logistics, and packaging to maintain self-serving existing market monopolized business models.  Barriers and policies are created against inventor licensing any such new private invention or innovation by insisting that not one investment dollar will be made into any intellectual or patented invention or entity of which complete and total ownership and control is obtained.  Then such ideas then get shelved and buried so as not to upset their existing manufacturing, development costs or business model for extending profits in a gained mature market.  The result has now expressed itself, with the one exception of the software industry, over the past 30 years with stifling capital investment in our countries independent and private inventors.   In the early 1980’s, the Robertson Anti-Trust Act, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the Clayton Anti-Trust act were all “defanged” under the banner of free market and free enterprise.  What followed was the demise of middle class businesses and innovation with initially what was know as the ‘Corporate Raiders’ then followed by massive mergers, buyouts and consolidations for market monopolies, each increasing market share; all under the banner of ‘efficiency’ and deemed necessary for world competition.  We are now in a failing position of technological and manufacturing leadership worldwide, extraordinary trade deficits and a continued massive export of our wealth.  These policies still continues to this date as does the export of our manufacturing base to off-shore location for cheap labor, still encouraged by policies or our government and give-away trade treaties.   This insanity must stop and stop now.

1.       Revise these Anti-Trust and monopoly acts to limit any company, trust, holding company or organization of having more than 40% of the domestic market share in any category of product or service.  Exceeding this limit for a period greater than 180 days, will automatically impose diverse itself of such entities into fractional parts or License with Royalty of such company technology for private or public purchase or said License issued to outside interests for operations which assures these market share limits are not to be exceeded.

                                                               i.      Existing companies, trusts and holding companies which already have exceed such market share positioning, shall take immediate steps to comply with the above, not to exceed 180 days for full compliance.

                                                             ii.      Domestic companies, holding companies and trusts, having or achieving such market dominance in off-shore countries, shall have that portion of their export business and off-shore market share exempted from these limits.

                                                            iii.      Domestic companies which have a proprietary, sole source product being a proprietary technology having the technology, know-how and equipment to produce such product, shall be exempt from these limits for a period of 17 years from the time of first sales order completed. 

2.       Benefits:  Assures opportunity for middle and small sized companies to participate in product manufacture and sale, competitive product improvements, innovations, competition and market share, thus strengthening our middle class economic levels.

Energy Independence:

V.)   Gaining Energy Independence in our country is critical both to national security and to stop the massive export of our wealth to off-shore counties, many of which being unfriendly and dedicated to the demise to both our economy and security.  With recognition of the need to become more ecologically sensitive to the many serious pollutants, excluding CO2 which has now has been largely debunked as being man’s cause of global temperature changes, we are to pursue changes of energy our mix of fuels and cleaning-up of existing processes to high quality standards of water and atmospheric safety, is also imperative. Nuclear energy plant’s full-cycle economics have been proven far too expensive, with unspoken costs omitted in public representations and otherwise distorted (sources on file).  These added costs are then put on the taxpayer’s burden to pay which absolute non-sense. Examples of such distortion include costs of decommissioning at service life end, dismantling and safely disposing of all hazardous components.  Spent radioactive fuel to this date, remains re-racked many times in holding pools approximate to reactor installations illuminating the water with radiation.  Until these wastes and reduction processes are perfected and demonstrated with full approvals of a scientifically safe disposal site for burial for 10,000 years plus, then any new domestic reactors shall not be built.  An exception is the new development of micro Thorium reactors which holds promise for acceptable safety standards.  Accordingly;

1.       Impose a 3% Energy Tax on all imported energy fuels with proceeds impounded to a trust, isolated from government borrowing of said funds for any reason.  The Trust shall be dedicated to underwriting loan guarantees equal to 50% of the required investment collateral for any individual U.S. Citizen, domestically owned  company or organization for any and all such a energy projects, invention or innovation development demonstrated on a scale working prototype level, which shows significant improvement (minimum of 30%) in pollution reduction while having shown economic feasibility to having a clear path for a return on investment and repayment of said loan, where said individual, company or organization must first demonstrating and certify to not otherwise having the collateral resources to obtain such a risk capital investment loan.

                                                               i.      Produced product resulting from this loan guarantee incentive shall include the requirement that such product will be made or manufactured in the United States for a minimum period of 15 years.

2.       The Congress and Senate shall mandate a program to energy independence from imported fuels and energies not to exceed 10 years, or by December 31, 2021!

3.       That said mandate shall have a revised goal for overall documented reduction of any and all pollution in both our water supplies and our atmospheric by 50% no later than December 31, 2025.

                                                               i.      That an independent commission be formed in 2011 to asses and existing pollution from all sources and a data measuring and reporting system for evaluation of progresses and final compliance by the 2025 deadline.  The independent commission of scientist shall consist of no less than 11 members with each member certifiably free of association with energy companies or associations which may have any influence on their independent assessment and reporting.

                                                             ii.      Man made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) shall be excluded from these requirements.

                                                            iii.      Excess CO2 from natural causes, such ongoing volcano eruptions CO emissions (leads to CO2), may have discoveries for reductions can that be explored, tested and demonstrated for use in future proven causes of global warming or cooling as for reactive emergency use - as then approved by an independent commission of scientist (having no political or private influential interest influential association, certifying that interested scientist, archeologists, researchers and geologist have also weighed in with professional recommendations.

Military and Government Procurement:

W.) Legislate and mandate that all government procurement of systems, services, equipment, contracts or supplies shall be placed and purchased only to on-shore, U.S.A based, American Citizen owned or U.S. Publically owned manufactures with the manufacturing of such equipment, components and supplies to be accomplished only on U.S. soil. 

1.       Exception shall be made when an friendly ally has produced a system or product critical to immediate needs of the military for national security, then such procurement is justifies and allowed, but may not continue of said system or product beyond a period of 7 years, during which time such government procurement shall have identified a domestic manufacture to produce such needed system or product and procured.

Patent Laws and Policies:

X.)     Our technological resources, intellectual properties, copyrights and invention have been seriously plagiarized by foreign countries and off-shore companies, as well as monopoly sized domestic companies through hacking, pirating, and raiding Patent Applications still sensitive but currently published for public view by the U.S. Patent Office.  This denies the rightful owner of economic benefit from his or hers work and has cost our country Billions of Dollars lost.   Further, the small independent inventor’s only protection of a Patent being plagiarized is that person’s ability to aggressively defend that Patent, which may require tens if not hundreds of thousands of Dollars in attorney retention fees and expenses, not to even include the costs of an international campaign to secure Patent filings for approval in the international arena which can easily cost $800,000 or more.  Inventors will often see their discovery or product on a retailer’s shelf before their Patent application is ever approved.  If for any reason, that Patent Application is not awarded a Patent, then all of that development work, investment cost and such sensitive information become ‘Free Art’, then already published and free for anyone to use.   These atrocities must stop now, if ever this country is to get on its feet again.

1.       Legislate that the Patent Applications submitted to the Patent Office and accepted for review, may never be disclosed to the public, any government contractor or agency, corporation, company, organization or off-shore interests for any reason until such Patent Application is Award to the inventor by the Patent Examiner and Patent Office.

                                                               i.      Such Patent Application being rejected by the Patent Office for any reason, shall not be published for public viewing or access, but shall remain confidential between the Inventor and Patent Examiner and/ or Patent review board.

                                                             ii.      Mandate such violation a Federal Felony upon the disclosing person or parties thereof , having received such sensitive information with a mandatory minimum prison time of 3 years if convicted, whether it be a hacker, employee of the Patent Office, a corporation or outside domestic company, foreign person or company or any government entity violating this rule and law.

                                                            iii.      Any bribes, directly or indirectly taken by any Patent Officer for any reason either by Patent Applicant or outside companies or individuals, foreign or domestic, shall carry the same Federal Felony charge and sentencing if convicted


Official Language:

Y.)    World history has taught us that countries having a common language prosper as a unified society, both economically and socially, far better than countries having fractionated languages and dialects.  Even today, we see China working hard to break these language barriers to a common dialect and communication.  Our country was blessed and prospered having a common practiced language since the first founding pilgrims, yet today we see growing immigrant communities becoming more isolated without adjust to American traditions, language even repudiating American common values, if not then actively demonstrating against our traditional values, our Constitution and Government for its demise.  Further, their demands for all civic forms, printed matter and signs be in each of their native languages has imposed an unnecessary, if not ridiculous and expensive cost burdens on local, state and federal governments.  It’s time for leadership and direction in these matters; an immigrant coming to America is expected to transition to the laws and traditions of the land and if this is rejected, then invite each such unhappy immigrant to return to their homeland even if it means paying for their transportation, not to return.

1.       Mandate and Legislate English as the official language of the land with no further requirement to print any local, state or federal government message, forms, licenses or signs in any language but English.

                                                               i.      This in no way disallows other languages from being spoken or written for any other purposes, recognizing the great diversities of our country.

                                                             ii.      The immigration departments and civil service departments have interpreters which may assist newly arrived immigrants with such forms and matters.

American Culture, Religions and Traditions:

Z.)    This country was founded on Judeo Christian values and has peacefully honored the plurality of diverse religions from all parts of the world.  We have national days named for most and all have honored the practiced freedom to worship their faith in peace.  We have honored another such era for Muslims. Atheists are also present and tolerated as being their choice, but now it’s time to declare policy that American traditional celebrations and values, on  which this country was founded on, shall not be infringed upon or re-written, including historical stone etchings and monuments containing references to God, Moses, Ten Commandments or Jesus.  This includes  not re-writing  text, text books, historical documents, govern buildings, state of civic building for any reason, nor shall any such said text or document be altered in the name of political correctness. Our very U.S. Constitution is largely rooted in the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament and Christian values of the Second Testament further quoted and referenced throughout this country’s documented history.   History is history and must be inclusive and accurately reflected as it was, including our text books.  Our country is a faith based country (currently over 80% by population) and it is imperative that such tested values continue rooted, not to be displaced by minority objections, adverse legislation, political doctrines or by rogue judges.

1.                      Administration, Congress and the Senate to proclaim such policy taking a active leadership position declaring that such historical symbols and writings shall not be altered now or in the future.

2.       Declare that traditional established holidays and periods of worship of Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter remain called exactly that just as now Ramadan, etc. is declared in such a manner as beginning its place in American History.

3.       Outlaw Shariah Law, being a coercive political doctrine from existence, practice or teachings anywhere in or on American soil.  The peaceful population of Muslins in our country shall then be free to worship their faith in peace while also gaining a large support of the American Public.

Individual Savings Encouragement:  

AA.)                       Individual Savings has declined over the past 30 years to levels dangerous to both personal and national economic stability.  Encouragement requires more than just words.

1.       Legislate that all Banks must pay interest savings deposits minimally equal to 60% of the bank’s lending rate, average between a mix of issued credit cards interest rates, business and personal loans and Mortgage interest rates; not the current 1% paid on saving when lending rates are ranging from 5% simple to 31% compounded daily.

Further, legislate that there shall be no taxes imposed on earned interest from personal saving accounts having an annualized average balance under $500,000. Interest on a savings account having a greater balance shall have that amount of interest earned above $500,000 taxable as regular income.  Refute any Bank fees on savings account.

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations: 

BB.)      The American people are among the most generous in the world, contributing funds and material goods to a plurality of non-profit charities, churches and foundations for the relief and  betterment of the poor, distress and less advantaged.  These organizations are deliberately provided a non-taxable status to carry on these most vital services.  Unfortunately, analyses has shown many of these organizations raise huge funds with sometimes less than a questionable two to five percent ever reaching the intended victims, the distressed, disaster or homeless persons of benefit relief originally solicited. Further disclosures have shown some of these organization siphons off executive salaries ranging upward to $450,000,000 annually; all paid for by sponsors, fund raising events and donations.  This is clearly abusive to the trust of American People and must now be curbed.

1.          Legislate that all non-profit organization publicly post of access, an audited financial statement after the close of each fiscal year, inclusive of all employees, staff and executive salaries, commissions and bonuses, having additional disclosure of consultants and consulting companies with amounts paid to each.

2.       Legislate that any executive, staff member or employee’s Salary shall not exceed 14 times the lowest paid employee, staff member or executive inclusive of bonuses, commissions and incentives as computed on an hourly basis paid, and;

                                                               i.      Consultants fees paid, if the individual is one-in-the-same, by any name or company, subsidiary, department or division , with an employee of the non-profit organization, then that amount shall be inclusive to said 14 times rule.

3.    Legislate that any and all projects and causes represented resulting by non-profit organizations, receiving public donations or sponsorships, are document to either completing or failing to reach the intended recipient benefactor group, cause or project solicited for said fund raising, sponsorships or donations received. These reports shall be publically posted and accessible by the public for review.

4.    Those organizations not expending a minimum of 50% of said receivables to the said benefactors of the said project or cause shall lose their non-profit status, then being liable for taxes of income received for the past two tax years.

C.A.F.R. ‘Reserve’ Funds:

BB.)      President Eisenhower by Executive Order mandated that all of the various units of government keep a (2nd) set of books now known as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report = CAFR.  These funds are so powerful that China forbids them to invest in China because U.S. governmental units could then distort China's internal markets if these CAFR funds had access."  It may be that none of States are even close to being broke as unbelievable at that might seem.

1.       Mandate an audit and summary report of this reserve fund and use or disposition, for Congress, media and the public for review.

2.       Analyze and asses resolution and legislate any constructive remedial legislative actions to be taken, if any at all.

 Value Backed Dollar 

CC.)      The above recommendations collectively, will raise the value of our Dollar, having demonstrated means to pay for, manage and execute our own economy and programs with a balanced budget inclusive of social needs being met, energy independence being achieved and exacting ways to pay for it; thus resulting with what “Good Faith and Trust” in our government means.   However, our Dollar is still in serious jeopardy dependent of the Federal Reserve Corporation deciding on all issues of printing money, inflation, value and interest rates paid for borrowing such printed monies by our government from them.  Further, this organization remains secret and private as to the Board of Directors and executives being composed of off-shore personalities, banks and controlling interests.  Already, the Central Bank is obviating our existing banking system.  We face a serious and immediate threat of a second collapse of the Bond market. The impending next “shoe to drop” is the Commercial Real Estate Market now seriously in default.  Banks continue to do debt swaps and ultimately passing these losses on to the tax payer burden. Such a collapse will likely also collapse the entire economy which could result with some designer’s agenda to create a world currency and government.  This must not happen!   These situations all have to change now - and there is a feasible path to accomplishing this.

a.          By executive order, exchange all Federal Issued Bonds to Federal Notes.  This has no real fiscal impact, except for administrative costs, and will at least buy some time to implement all of the above to regain market confidence.  All previous Bond issues are now directly backed by the good faith and trust of the U.S. Government with the root control by a privately, mostly foreign run private corporation.  This move will also eliminate a key requirement of justifying the ‘privately-held’ Federal Reserve Corporation.

b.            By executive order, fire the Federal Reserve Corporation, returning it to the original U.S. Federal Reserve (of the people) as it was before 1913. 

                                                               i.      Observe and enforce the original contracted exchange rate of Gold then transferred to the possession of the Federal Reserve Corporation established in 1913, and take back ownership of said reserves to the possession of the reestablished U.S. Federal Reserve Department.  That rate of exchange was established at approximately $32 per ounce.  Payment to the private Federal Reserve Corporation will be by printed Dollar currency.

                                                             ii.      Determine if Gold alone is restrictive, sufficient or even wise, to officially back the U.S. Dollar value, or if a mix of Silver and Certain rare or limited resource metals or minerals should be added – or perhaps just silver alone.  The “Green-Back”, as originated by President Andrew Jackson, was Silver-backed and quite successful which allowed for monetary expansion and growth, something that is very restrictive under a pure Gold Standard.  Discontinuance of the Greenback only resulted by a conspiracy of London banks and corrupted American bank leaders and politicians, bribed by London interests, fearing a loss of control over the American currency system and Federal Reserve. The domestic commission appointed for reestablishing a value backed dollar, might also consider our country's new-found energy reserves as a value backing as well in a mix.  While these commodity values oscillate with world conditions for demand, the mix would bring an averaged stable value to the U.S. Dollar.   This would also eliminate the need for the foreign controlled Federal Reserve Corporation, returning it to the United States of the people and by the people.

                                                            iii.      This leadership position will establish the Dollar as a continued master value exchange on the world market, though noting other countries may make similar changes to their currency.  Regardless, economic monetary stability and confidence is needed now, and would be seriously appreciated and benefited by countries worldwide.  In a similar fashion, the United States of America Corporation also heavily controlled by off-shore interests, could be returned to the America's ownership by the people and for people.  The result would be decisions made by our government is in fact, made by our elected officials; by the people and for the people of this Country. What a novel thought.

Citizen Participation In Government

DD.)     Congress shall mandate upon their members that one day each month is set aside in their district for an interactive forum where constituents of their district may attend to state issues, proposing a solution for the Congressman to consider.  This shall be conducted at any local room, hall or office having appropriate security and screen measures in place.  

a.       This time shall not be used for campaign speeches, campaign solicitations and there shall not be a registration or entry fee for attendance. 

b.      Attending district constituents shall not complain on policy or legislation without also offering a specific solution.

c.       Attendance and seating shall be on a first come, first serve basis.

By Congress taking this action, the resulting public interface would help break the isolated bubble that Congressmen quickly slide into with Washington affairs and allows for real and constructive input to the solving of the many challenging problems our country faces.


My observations, experience and recommendations as a private citizen, having worked through and in a diversity of industries, inclusive of start-ups, middle and Fortune 500 companies for nearly60 years, have had steadily grown concerns of misguided government discussions, acts and treaties for the past 35 years then knowing of project consequences. Unfortunately, most have all come true adding to my concerns, stresses and disappointment as to our future for generations to come.  It is my view and belief that this summary is inclusive in a road map of specific actions required to be enacted now to reverse the consequential collapse of our economy while reestablishing a strong middle class America having the promise of freedom and personal achievements realized under a newly responsible government dedicated first to the security, independence and sovereignty of our country based on values, faith and morals being carried forward from our founding fathers far reaching wisdoms.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these course correcting proposed actions.

Most Sincerely,

Walter R. Reed,

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, Walter R. Reed, All Commercial Rights Reserved

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